Welcome to Elixir Chiropractic. The aim is to take your pain away. The chiropractic care provided here focuses on  easing your pain and discomfort by treating the cause of the problem, not just by treating the symptoms. Following an 'evidence-based' approach, chiropractic is a hands-on therapy which is extremely effective at treating a wide range of problems and conditions, from simple neck ache to chronic arthritis. Have a look at the conditions treated tab at the top of the page for more information on what chiropractic can do for you.

Emily White

Emily White (MChiro) completed a full time four year training course at The Welsh Institute of Glamorgan at the University of South Wales and graduated in 2014 with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic. She began practising part time at a clinic in Oxfordshire and has since built up a very successful practice with a very busy patient base. She has gained a wealth of knowledge from her fellow clinician and continues to push herself to learn more to provide the best possible care for her patients. She now splits her time between the Oxford clinic, a central London clinic in the Barbican, and her own clinic in Primrose Hill.

Emily is a great believer in holistic care and complete well-being, not just of the body but of the mind too. She enjoys regular long walks and goes running to look after herself both physically and to de-stress mentally.  Having trained in martial arts since a young age she has always been active, and encourages her patients to do the same. 

Emily is currently undergoing further training to be able to comprehensively treat her pregnant patients all the way from conception to birth and thereafter with both mother and baby sessions. She is also undertaking a diploma course to become a qualified craniosacral therapist. 

Chiropractor at Work
Chiropractor at Work
Chiropractor at Work
Massage Therapy
Back Pain

Your spine is made up of a total of 24 moveable bones, known as vertebrae, and 8 fused bones making up the sacrum and coccyx. When all these bones are in the right place and your spine has the correct curves, you don't have any pain. Unfortunately, our modern-day lifestyles tend to have a negative effect on our posture, which leads to some parts of the spine being put under too much pressure. This, in turn, leads to pain, most commonly felt in the lower back. 

Neck Pain and Headaches

Your head is actually quite heavy...usually about 5kg. That is quite a weight for your relatively slim neck to hold up constantly. In a similar way to back pain, neck pain can be caused by a change in position of the curve of your neck, resulting in too much pressure on surrounding structures such as ligaments and muscles. This is also quite commonly found as the cause of some headaches - either tension (from the muscles) or cervicogenic (from the joints).

Arthritic Joint Pain

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disorder that affects the cartilage of any of the joints in your body. Cartilage is what makes your joints move smoothly and without pain or clicking, so as you can imagine, a change in your cartilage can affect your joints very negatively. Chiropractic can help maintain the movement of your joints, and help reduce pain from arthritis by helping your body cope with the changes going on inside your joints. 

The List Goes On!

We can treat many more conditions and complaints including extremity problems such as frozen shoulder and tennis elbow, as well as any other general aches and pains caused by everyday life! Chiropractic care can also help in the prevention of migraine headache.

Conditions Treated



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Emily is practicing from two locations in London. 

Nordic Balance St James 

Nordic Balance St James is a multidisciplinary gym and health centre located at the In and Out Naval and Military Club. Please see the website for more information. 

Hackney Chiropractic 

She also works at a dedicated chiropractic clinic in Hackney. If you'd like to book in to see Emily here, please see the website below.